Not without a reason, London is stated as the best-decorated city for Christmas all over the world. Christmas lights start to shine in early December. In each district, the main streets are decorated. Can you even imagine this? It’s a madness. Regent Street decorated with enormous shining angles is breathtaking, in Soho area, there are plenty of colourful decorations, it’s really hard to stop looking up, and last but not least, Covent Garden with its huge Christmas tree and shining reindeer. It is just a small example of what you can see. All restaurants, pubs and shops have special season expositions. It’s impossible to not mention Christmas markets. The main three that I really like are: at Southbank Center, between Tower and London Bridges and of course the biggest one in Winter Wonderland.

I spend my first Christmas in London and it was an amazing time. Thanks to people with whom I could spend these special days and the Christmas atmosphere that couldn’t be compared to any other. On Christmas, I went for a walk and I realized that the city was almost empty. Public communication didn’t work on 25th December in London, so the city could be recognized as closed. Everyone slowed down and mostly stayed at home. Have you ever seen the scene of the abandoned city with a tumbleweed rolling through the streets in the Western movie? This picture came to my mind during walking around the empty streets. Personally speaking, Christmas Day is the best time to admire London’s beauty.

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