Many people are afraid of being a part of the corporate world because they think that such a kind of place might destroy their work-life-balance, artistic perception of the world and especially individuality. You should know that there’re even some who don’t accept people who work in corporations! One time I was interviewed by potential flatmates, and guess what? They rejected me, because I was a “corporate person”. I worked for three different business corporations over seven years and I have to admit that, it’s a specific and sometimes also hard environment to work in. Nevertheless, the truth is that people often exaggerate the facts about jobs in glass buildings and their employees.

As I previously mentioned, it’s a hard environment in which to work, especially because of pressure and the speed of work. Everything should be done immediately, ideally yesterday. If you work like that, there’s a high probability that you will stop believing in yourself. There’s nothing new in stating that people want to be fulfilled in their work, which means, if they aren’t in high positions, they should receive specified instructions which make their tasks doable. Talking about tasks; many corporations have a problem with estimating the amount of their work. Some departments are overcrowded, whereas in others, people are forced to work overtime. Employees who have too much free time in their jobs, mainly do three basic things. Firstly, they look for better opportunities, I mean a better salary. Secondly, they gossip, especially women, which almost always leads to the death of team spirit, and the last option is killing time on social networks. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s also a group of people who sit and contemplate their life, which leads them to a conclusion that everything is f*cked up.

If you work in a worldwide company and you don’t work overtime, and what’s more, you have enough tasks to keep you busy so you don’t think about the dishes you’ll cook for Christmas Eve, even though it’s only July; you’re lucky enough not to quit your job; by the way, please send me the contact details of your company. 🙂 Coming back to my point of view, many people aren’t satisfied with their jobs because they don’t see the results of their actions, frequently they don’t understand why they do something, they can’t separate their job from their personal life, or very often they don’t have life outside of work. Moreover, it isn’t good to hear that everyone can be replaced, obviously omitting the corporate motivational speech. Everyone would like to be unique and feel worth something.

I’m a person who always sees two sides of a coin, so it’s time for some pros and tips for surviving in a corpo life. You can work in a huge company and be whoever you would like to be. Honestly, being a part of such a business world makes many things much easier, obviously only if you understand its rules. Don’t worry, I wasn’t so smart when I started my journey. Previously, I believed my devotion would be appreciated, it wasn’t, but please don’t confuse being hard-working with being devoted. I believe that hard work leads to success and makes one’s dreams become real. However, forgetting about your lunch five times a week, isn’t a normal situation. It’s important to find work-life-balance and live after work, think about yourself, your family and friends. It’s really important to learn how to leave work problems at work, believe me, remembering that, will make your life much easier. There’re people for whom having a job in the business world is the most important thing in life, however, if you don’t feel the same way, it isn’t wrong. Everyone has their own hierarchy of values. Moreover, a person doesn’t join a huge business to find their soulmate, they go there to make money. Don’t get me wrong, you can meet people with whom you can laugh during a lunch break, engage yourself in charities with your colleagues and spend business trips in nice company. However, it’s really hard to make close friends in that kind of environment. This is the main difference between small, family companies and those which we can compare to octopuses. Ironically, many people become friends when they stop working together. In enormous companies people are mainly focused on business and money. There’s a huge probability, you’ll meet people at the office who complain about everything, they are unhappy without any specific reasons. They might be unhappy because they have to spend 8-10 hours in the office. It’s shocking, isn’t it that spending time at work for good money could make people so miserable. There’re numerous people who are forced to do things that they don’t like and what’s more, they count down the days to their next salary. I have to say this, many of us don’t realize how life is sometimes hard. You must be careful not to become a person who’s forever complaining; appreciate your life, you only have one. If you don’t have any idea how to earn money through your hobby and you work in a corporate company, stop treating it like it’s the worst thing in the world because it simply isn’t.

The biggest advantage for me is the working hours. Large companies have many possibilities like: flexible working, working from home, shifts or even the possibility to decide when you would like to start your 8-hour working day. The truth is that, most people don’t try to change their professions because they receive a really good salary for their time and many other benefits like: medical care; addition to the nursery, cinema tickets, discounts for some restaurants and even language classes. It’s also worth mentioning that at the beginning employees always receive appropriate trainings from megacorps. It’s a good deal, isn’t it?

When I quit the corporate world, I realized that life isn’t so easy as I thought. 🙂 Who knows maybe I’ll go back to a skyscraper one day, and add a few fancy pics of the view from my desk to social media. 😀 At the moment, though, sorry, I have too many things to do.

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