I haven’t watched tv for three years but I love watching series. I prefer to decide what I want to see, when, where and of course for the proper price. In my opinion, Netflix www.netflix.com is the best streaming platform nowadays. This service has countless good movies, series and programs. You decide in which language you would like to watch something. What’s more, if you want to learn languages like me, you can choose English language with English subtitles. I truly love this solution. Netflix even remembers when you stopped watching the last tv series, so next time you can easily start watching your episode from  the same moment. Life is so wonderful 😀

Coming back to series, I don’t like a specific type, nevertheless, I think that my choices have something in common. My top three are; Game of Thrones, Vikings and The Crown. If you have a chance to watch at least  two of them you know that it’s really hard to predict what will happen in the next episode. Personally speaking, this is one of the main features that make a good series. There’re many advantages of watching series, like: learning languages (you can improve your pronunciation and enhance your vocabulary), extending knowledge, it’s a type of relaxation and also a good topic for a conversation. I elaborate some of these topics below. Furthermore, series are also an inspiration for many people. There’re numerous of incredible artworks that are created on the basis of series. As a series lover, I can see only one disadvantage. When you start watching a really good series, it’s hard to stop, your huge curiosity tells you to see what will happen in the next episode, so be strong! 🙂

  • Good for learning languages

From my point of view, watching series gives us opportunity to learn languages. It’s more natural to learn languages by listening, even reading at the same time and watching people behaviors than sitting countless hours with vocabulary exercises. I don’t say that I’m a total opponent of all language exercises but in my opinion, learning by watching good series and movies is more pleasant and more effective. We can compare this process to children’s acquisition of knowledge. Firstly, they hear some sounds that don’t have any particular meaning for them. However, after some  time, they’re able to link the sound with the definition. They invoke the particular situation when the sound is used and adjust the connotation. In this way vocabulary meaning is created for a new born. Try this method, I assure you that it will bring you effects very quickly.

  • Good for extending your knowledge

Many series are based on true stories or at least, they show some facts. The best example is The Queen, I recommend it, it’s splendid. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to check it. This series shows the life of The Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to this biographical drama series, you can get to know the rules inside the royal family and understand the true meaning of the crown. Second good example here, could be Call The Midwife. This drama shows the work of midwives during the 1950s in East End of London. Series let you to see how the life of women looked and especially how difficult were their pregnancies. There’re numerous examples of good series and documentaries thanks to which you can extend your general knowledge about the world, but watch out, you have to choose appropriate ones. 

  • Good for relaxing when your time is limited

Watching pleasant series for example comedies during homework duties like: cooking, ironing, cleaning or even on your way to work, is one of my favorite ways of entertainment. Especially when I can’t read but I’m able to focus on listening. Yes, after working in corporations, I’m a fully multitasking person 🙂 

  • Good topic for a conversation 

It’s simply a good topic to talk. Frequently, friends exchange their opinions about the last episode of their favorite series. It could be also a good theme of a small talk, you can recommend some titles and say why these ones are worth seeing. There’re even special communities where you can share your opinions with other fans.


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