I replaced chemical hair dye products by natural henna and it was worth doing it. My hair recovered and it started to shine again.

I use Rouge henna from Lush. It colours my hair red and what’s more, moisturizes it. After using it my hair is in a better condition. It is like using a good conditioner that additionally colours your hair. 🙂 It is amazing. Lush henna, as all cosmetics from this brand, is not tested on animals. 

Main ingredients: cocoa butter, red henna, lemon juice and powdered rosemary.

Price: 325g / £10.95

There are four colours available: Brun (shiny chocolate frosting), Rouge ( vibrant red tones), Marron (deep auburn and rich chestnut tones) and Noir (blue-black tones and inky shades).

More info: https://uk.lush.com/products/henna-hair-dyes

What do you need to use Lush Henna?

  • Henna 🙂
  • Glass or metal bowl
  • Hot water
  • Knife
  • Plastic mixing blade for stirring 
  • Colouring brush
  • Plastic drop cloth/newspaper on the floor
  • Additional gloves just in case (black gloves are added to Lush henna)
  • Foil/shower cap

It is a quite unique list. 🙂

Ok, firstly you should prepare the place for dyeing treatment. Put a plastic drop cloth or a newspaper on the floor and furniture. Protect everything that should not be dyed. Before adding water to the henna, chop it into small pieces, the smaller they are the better. Put chopped henna in a bowl and add hot water, stirring all the time. The perfect consistency can be also accomplished over a hot-water bath. Henna should have a consistency of melted chocolate. I use 6 squares, the whole bar and add around 750 mL of water. When it has an appropriate consistency start to put it on your clean, dry hair in the same way as a chemical hair dye product. In a nutshell, firstly starting from the top of your head (roots need more colour), you should cover around 3 cm length of all hair, dyeing section by section. Then colour the rest. I keep it on hair for about four hours.


  • It doesn’t damage your hair
  • It can be used as often as you want to 
  • It is a natural colouring product
  • It nourishes your hair
  • It’s less expensive
  • It is not tested on animals (check the one that you use if it is from a different brand)


  • It has to be kept  on hair at least 4 hours
  • It is harder to put it on hair
  • It is harder to clean it
  • It is harder to prepare it, especially to chop it into small pieces
  • If your hair was dyed before by using chemical products, the regrowth could be dyed in a different hue

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