Yes, I’m a Lush freak. Their cosmetics are insane. If you try these natural products, you will never stop using them.

My hair is curly and dyed red. It was really difficult to find an appropriate product for it. Curly hair is extremely dry. If you want to have beautiful and shiny looking hair you have to moisturize it properly. A product shouldn’t soften your hair too much because it straightens up your curls. Additionally, for dyed red head, the product shouldn’t contain any citrus because they change the colour, it gets  washed off faster.

Blousey – Banana shampoo works 100 per cent. It moisturizes my hair perfectly, the smell of bananas ingredient is so incredible. I also love the consistency of the shampoo. The only disadvantage that I see is a price £9.95 /100g. It’s my treatment shampoo, I use it 4 times per month and it’s still doing a fine job.    

Shampoo is dedicated to all colours. Main ingredients: bananas, berries, butter, cloves and star anise.

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My second recommendation is Retread conditioner.

I use it almost always after washing my hair and sometimes also for co-washing. This conditioner is recommended for really dry hair so it is perfect for me. I put it on my hair, then brush it with a wide-tooth silicon comb or by using my fingers and try to keep it at least 15 minutes (when I have time I leave it even for three/four hours). By the way never brush curly hair when it is dry. 

Conditioner needs to be rinsed away. Main ingredients: agar gel, cantaloupe melon, avocado oil and olive oil.

Price: £5.95/100g

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