I am not afraid of experimentalism in the kitchen but as all experiments, there are some successes and some big failures. Here, is my story.

For  my parents’ visit, I decided to prepare a  main dish in which I am good at, so I chose Amatriciana and also a new dessert – a sweet tart with blueberries and raspberries that I’d found on a  web. The plan was  so perfect and easy: do shopping, cook, clean the apartment and finally enjoy the evening with my family.

I bought all of the ingredients the day before the visit. So, on Friday morning I could  get started right away. Open the saved web link and read for the first time the recipe. Yes, I was so excited about my parents visit, that I chose the cake without previously checking the preparation hints.

First sentence stated: “The tart must spend 12 hours in a fridge”. Hahaha, 7 hours left and I don’t have a tart yet. I am such a perfect housewife! 🙂 Ok, maybe it will work, still there is a hope.

Then I read “Put biscuits, dissolved chocolate (in a hot bath) and butter in a food processor” Oh gosh, really? Now, I know why people decide to buy cakes. I do not have a food processor. 🙂  I am a master of disaster, I thought. Nevertheless, as I do not give up so easily. I decided to replace a food processor by other tools. More or less, it worked. However, this is not the end of my story.

When I put everything in a baking plate, it turned out that mine, was  almost twice time bigger than the one used in the recipe. Which meant that I had to add more ingredients, what’s worse, firstly, I needed to buy them. I was laughing at my stupidity for 15 minutes. Even now when I think about it, a smile appears on my face.

The preparation of the tart should take me about 45 minutes, it took  me 3 hours. After all, I made  it, and not just for four but I think for eight maybe even ten people.

It was  so sweet that after eating it, you would fall into a coma 😀

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