“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” – Samuel Johnson

London is such a huge city – there are about nine million people from all over the world! You can find everything here, from coffee collected in a hidden area in Colombia up to yoga beer exercises. In other words, if you can’t find something to do in London, you can assume it simply doesn’t exist at all. 🙂 That’s why I love this city.

Most people, who live here, are open minded. It’s really easy to find supporters and opponents of every idea. If you want to start a new sophisticated hobby it’s easy peasy to find people who would like to share that interest with you. People in London are more creative and make new friends more often. Diversity in culture and tolerance result in people not being afraid of being mocked by others because of their innovative ideas. If you are eager to meet new people and share your interests, London is definitely a good place for you. 

The main reasons why I think London is a good place to live are people and places. In comparison to my country, people don’t complain so often here. They are much more chilled out and relaxed even though London is called a hard-working city of business by some. People smile at each other more often and are helpful, not expecting anything in return. When you let someone in a hurry pass on the pavement, you’re likely to hear; “Thank you, my darling”; when you run for a train, it’s quite possible a stranger will shout; “Go, go” and then on the train say; “Oh luckily, you managed it”, said with a smile. 

Mentioning places; oh my gosh I love the parks here. St James’s Park, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Richmond Park are my favourites. They are enormous, clean with old significant trees and sublime flowers. There are a lot of different kinds of animals and even lakes. In Richmond Park there are deer herds whereas in Regent’s Park, you can find the open-air theater which really impresses me. What’s more, most museums and art galleries have free entrance. It’s amazing that you don’t need to pay for being so close to culture. Another thing worth mentioning is also the fact that it’s really hard to get lost here. Even though, this city is huge, everything is so perfectly marked and described.

The biggest disadvantage I’ve found is prices of certain things. Public transport, accommodation and entertainment like theater or cinema are really expensive. Obviously, it’s possible to choose not to use some entertainment, nevertheless it’s impossible to avoid the accommodation and public transport fees. It’s really hard to find a high standard flat in a nice area for a reasonable price. Probably, one of the reasons why flats are so expensive is the fact that many people decide to move to London every year and luckily the government doesn’t allow all green areas to be transformed into concrete buildings. For sure, it’s also caused by the incoming rich population. Coming back to public transport and entertainment, they’re on a high level and worth their price. The transport in London works pretty well. All of the areas are well connected, there’re the tube, DLR;  London Overground – TFL Rail and Tram. If something doesn’t work, it’s rapidly communicated and a replacement service is organized. People aren’t left hung out to dry. Going back to the entertainment issue, I need more time to check it out on my own.

If you are a food, culture or nature lover this is definitely a good place for you to live.


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