My story?! Ok. I had a good job, a good salary, a flat …blah, blah, blah; probably everything what is needed to have a normal peaceful life. Thanks for all that, but I decided to resign, from all of it.

No-one, except my husband and at the same time my best friend, understands my decision to turn my life upside down and be a person I really want to be. Fine, my friends can tell you right now, she has tried so many things but she never really put enough attention to any of it. I can’t disagree. I have participated in courses like: photography, drawing, interior design, many courses strictly related to my previous corporation work… Oh… I  even have a forklift license, and so what?! Does it make me special? Yes? Perfect because I am so.

Thanks to these things, I am who I am and I found my path. I’m ready to put all my attention and energy into the things that I’m sure that I love. I’m a yoga ninja, I crated Time-Maze, every day I develop my Photoshop skills and I’m learning to be a professional photographer.

Time Maze is a Lifestyle and Photography blog. I try to capture everything that impresses and inspires me. On the blog you are able to find a wider description of the path that led me to Time Maze creation, ideas how to explore and understand yourself, some funny stories from my trips, opinions on things that I’ve tried and countless good pics.   

Follow me; if you are willing to:

  • motivate yourself to actions by getting to know my path of getting to the point where I’m right now
  • motivate yourself to actions by seeing my effort, defeats and successes. I promise you funny stories and facts, nothing more 🙂
  • be updated with good products
  • simply read a good article drinking your coffee 
  • watch my pics because you like my fussy perception of the world

There’s no limits, no borders. You can do everything, truly, anything you want to.

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Hi! I’m Alicja. I’m thirsty of adventures. I love travelling, writing, taking pictures, cooking and motivating people to follow the life they dream of.